In Beirut, the agency architecture and design PSLAB just delivered his last project. An interior office where the light suspensions sculpt space and ceilings.

On this project, PSLAB states:

"Offices made up of three double-hand volume spaces featuring high glass facades onto

the central atrium building; and two symmetrical entrances connected by a identiques

conference room.

We unified thesis spaces in the Way They Are Perceived from the central atrium.

in the two parallel entrances we created one unifying layer of lighting in the ceiling. this

Was layer Composed of a set of truncated conical light objects of various proportions. Each

object deeply houses a lamp fixed inside cavity icts. The asymmetrical hole at the bottom of

the conical shape determined the path of light casted. seen from an elevation view, the

rugged outline of These fixtures olefins has false ceiling area Creating a layer of ambient


For the conference room we Developed a set of suspended fixtures Creating a new ceiling

layer. The sharp edge on the disk-like fittings Gives the feeling of floating sheets, while

the off-centered cavity enclosing two broad bulbs Reveals the objects' real massiveness. "

To learn more about PSLAB, visit their site.

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