Discover the "Citizen Life" projects selected this year at the ArchiDesignclub Awards.


Community center, Bréal-sous-Vitré (35) - Atelier 56S

Atelier 56S rehabilitates the multipurpose room of Bréal-sous-Vitré (35) into a contemporary social and cultural center. Combining the historic building with new equipment, the project is a heterogeneous architectural island intended to accommodate a multipurpose room, a media library and an ALSH leisure center.


Palais des Congrès, Agde (34) - A + Architecture

The Montpellier architecture firm A + Architecture weighs anchor to reach the shores of Cap d'Agde (34) where it unveils the city's brand new Palais des Congrès & Casino, inspired by Mediterranean waves and decorated by the artist French Hervé Di Rosa.


Social and cultural center Gonzague Saint Bris, Cabourg (14) - Lemoal Lemoal

The agency Lemoal Lemoal offers a new breath to the city of Cabourg (14)! The mayor wishing to gather all its social and cultural services of the town on the same site, the architects imagine a set of two buildings organized around a public square. Using materials from the region, the book is halfway between Norman building and contemporary building.


Office of Ophthalmologists, Nantes (44) - Onze04

The Barcelona architecture agency Onze04 transforms a commercial space into a minimal space dedicated to hosting an ophthalmology practice. In other words, the project constitutes an architectural feat that gives pride of place to the medical sector.


Les Patios - Health Center, Jarnac (17) - A6A and Atelier Archipel

In collaboration with Atelier Archipel, the A6A agency - Atelier 6 Architecture - is building a Health Center, called Les Patios. Located in Jarnac (16), the medical center brings together several general and specialist doctors' offices in a building with simple volume and refined aesthetics.


Tourist office, Plainfaing (88) - StudioLada

The Nancy collective StudioLada imagines a tourist office dressed in pink for the town of Plainfaing (88). As part of this project, the architects, commissioned by the community of agglomerations of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, create a small welcoming entity using local materials. Back on the history of local sustainable architecture.


Saint Joseph Church, Montigny-lès-Cormeilles (95) - ENIA Architects

The faithful of Montigny-Lès-Cormeilles (95) finally benefit from a new place of worship! The Christians of the town, who had previously been living in a dilapidated prefab building from the 1970s, now enjoy a bright and contemporary temple built by the teams of the agency Enia architects. 


Day parole district and penitentiary integration services of Hauts-de-Seine, Nanterre (92) - LAN Architectes

Designing a prison is never easy. More than a simple architectural work, "it is above all a sociological and political question", specify the LAN architects, in charge of the construction of a dual-use building: a day parole and prison services of Hauts-de-Seine integration. Focus on a set with multiple problems managed brilliantly.


Pratgraussals village hall, Albi (81) - PPA Architectures and Encore Heureux

The agencies ppa architectures and Encore Heureux team up to create the new Pratgraussals d'Albi village hall (81). The sober and elegant project relies on flexibility and modularity, in order to adapt to the effervescence of the inhabitants' life and to the diversity of events that the equipment will host.


Nantes station, Nantes (44) - Rudy Ricciotti and forma6

The new Nantes station (44) is emerging from the ground and taking shape. Designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti and the forma6 agency, the 160-meter-long structure takes the form of a sculptural walkway-mezzanine, all of concrete and glass clad. Back on a major project.


Dental office, Marseille (13) - Marret & Fernandez

On a bare and narrow site in the port area of ​​Marseille (13) rises a small vertical building in raw concrete which hides an astonishing program. The French agency Marret & Fernandez Architects has achieved the feat of taking advantage of a plot that at first sight cannot be built. A discreet realization while verticality rather unexpected in the surrounding port context.


Courthouse, Pointe à Pitre (971) - Ignacio Prego Architecture

Commissioned to build the new Pointe-à-Pitre Courthouse in Guadeloupe (97), the agency Ignacio Prego Architectures offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the ancestral symbolism of the judicial space. Architects indeed explore the notions of stability, measure and justice through the creation of an architecture of controlled balance echoing the current legislative world. 


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