Discover the selection of nursery and primary schools, high schools and higher education buildings selected this year at the ArchiDesignclub Awards.

Preschool of six classes, Paris (13th) - LA Architectures and Atelier Desmichelle

Who said we had to wait for the university to benefit from a quality school? Certainly not the (very) young pupils of the new nursery school on Jeanne d'Arc Street (13th arrondissement). The kindergarten, designed by LA Architectures and Atelier Desmichelles, is a true ode to nature and warms the heart of the capital.


Makeba school group, Nanterre (92) - toa | associated architects

The city of Nanterre (92) sees a project of a new kind come out of the ground. Integrated in the transformation of the University district, the Miriam Makeba School Group, signed toa | associated architects, is in fact the first realization in raw earth of Île-de-France. An ecological and aesthetic bias that gives rise to a building with explosive texture games.


La Ruche School, Perthes-en-Gâtinais (77) - Tracks

An amazing Beehive, located in the middle of the village of Perthes-en-Gâtinais (77) buzzes with cries of children. This series of wooden pavilions with a sober layout and recognizable profile, inspired by both children's drawings and the bees' home, actually conceals a nursery school, a work of the Parisian agency TRACKS.


Auguste Brizeux College, Lorient (56) - DDL Architects

The Morbihan departmental council (56) entrusted DDL Architects with the reconstruction of the Auguste Brizeux college in downtown Lorient. Located on the seafront, on the same site as its recently demolished predecessor, the new school offers students a quality building.


University Paris I, Paris (13th) - Chartier Dalix Architectes

In Paris, the trend is towards the renovation of disused military sites. While the Anyoji Beltrando agency is converting the Reuilly barracks (12th arrondissement) into housing, the Chartier Dalix teams are rehabilitating the Lourcine barracks (13th arrondissement) into an annex to the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne law faculty. An ambitious restructuring that guarantees the conversation of the historic heritage and its adaptation to the current socio-economic challenges of the city.


Las Fonses school group, Villeneuve Tolosane (31) - 360 ° agency

It is in the heart of the new ZAC Las Fonsès district in Villeneuve Tolosane (31) that the Toulouse agency 360 ° Architecture erects a building dressed in blue welcoming the Canta Lauset primary school. Here, the architects show great creativity since they dress the facade with enameled cladding in southern blue terracotta. Rather than evoking academic rigor, the building alludes to childhood and its imaginary worlds.


René Beauverie school group, Vaulx en Velin (69) - Dominique Coulon

As part of a new urban renewal program, the city of Vaulx-en-Velin (69) has entrusted the construction of the René Beauverie school group to the architecture firm Dominique Coulon & associés. In the program ? Infrastructure as useful for the pupils as for the inhabitants of the district: a nursery, a nursery school, an elementary school, a playground, a leisure center without accommodation, a dance hall, a sports hall, a library, a multipurpose room, a school canteen and accommodation for the caretaker.


Enova Campus, Labège (31) - Taillandier Associated Architects

At the request of Vinci Immobilier, the Toulouse agency Taillandier Architectes Associés is carrying out a refined building to accommodate the new Enova Campus in Labège, near Toulouse (31). Back on the genesis of this university project.


Renovation and extension of the school complex, Ambrières les Vallées (53) - Onze04 and Tristan Brisard Architect

The architectural agencies Onze04 and Tristan Brisard team up to carry out the extension and restructuring of the school complex in Ambrières-les-Vallées (53). As part of this project, the architects summon raw materials and an ecological approach to transform the old establishment into an open and bright whole, adapted to the learning methods of today's school.


Soclaire group and early childhood center, Toulouse (31) - Véronique Joffre Architecture

The Véronique Joffre Architecture agency was commissioned by the Toulouse City Hall (31) to build a new educational and social complex comprising a school group and an early childhood center. Inspired by the writings of the philosopher Thierry Paquot, the architects celebrate color in all its forms in this architectural project dedicated to children.


Ada Lovelace College, Nîmes (30) - A + Architecture

Since the start of the new school year, the former residents of the Jules-Vallès college in Nîmes (30) have put their school bags down in a new positive energy establishment highlighting the Gard stone. An impressive monolith dominating the heights of the town, the Ada Lovelace college is a project well rooted in its time.


Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Lille (59) - Kaan Architecten and Pranlas-Descours architects 

After having realized the Institute of Molecular Sciences of Orsay (2017) with Fres Architects, the Dutch agency KAAN Architecten associates this time with the Parisian cabinet Pranlas Descours for the design of the Chamber of trades and Crafts of Lille (59). The result is a monumental, glass-clad work in which natural light reigns supreme.


Hearing Institute, Paris (12th) - VIB Architecture

In the second arrondissement of Paris, an unidentified architectural object seems to have been inserted between two buildings typical of the capital. Behind a faceted mirror facade hides the new Hearing Institute, a building dedicated to research in hearing neuroscience signed VIB architecture.


Continuing education building University of Paris Ouest, Nanterre (92) - Ameller Dubois

Faced with the growth of professional retraining and the evolution of employment, the University of Paris Nanterre, the Mecca of the student revolution of May 68, is actively developing its continuing education offer in order to promote synergies between the world of job and the courses offered. In 2013, the Île-de-France regional council therefore commissioned the architectural firm Ameller Dubois & Associés to build the new continuing education building for the faculty. After six years of construction, Philippe Ameller and Jacques Dubois deliver a functional building with an atypical architectural style.


Max Jacob crèche, Paris (13th) - Olivier Palatre Architects

In the 13th district of Paris, the Parisian agency Olivier Palatre Architectes delivers the restructuring and raising of two crèches on rue Max Jacob. The ideal place for the development of neighborhood toddlers!


Leisure center in Bonneuil, Bonneuil-sur-Marne (94) - NZI

Building a recreation center for children requires to combine playful and quiet, which is never easy task! The architectural firm NZI, based in Paris, tries to take up this challenge by offering play spaces in a light box of 470 square meters organized around a patio where toddlers will be free to indulge in multiple outdoor activities.


School group in Saint-Cyr, Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire (37) - Hessamfar and Vérons

In the heart of Parc de Montjoie in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire (37), the Bordeaux agency Marjan Hessamfar & Joe Verons architects are setting up a new school group, completing the Coeur de Ville II town planning operation. Airy and warm, the whole dialogues with its wooded environment and promises young students to learn in an exceptional setting.


Functional exploration center, Paris (5th) - Transform

A stone's throw from Jussieu University, in the 5th arrondissement, stands the new Functional Exploration Center of the Faculty of Science at Sorbonne University. A gray metallic monolith signed Transform.


Air Liquide Paris Innovation Campus, Les Loges-en-Josas (78) - Michel Rémon & Associés

The architectural firm Michel Rémon & Associés is designing an airy architecture to accommodate the new research and development center of the Air Liquide Group, the world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health. Located on the Saclay plateau (91), the complex, which was inaugurated on September 27, 2019, offers researchers a strategic meeting point promoting exchanges with major players in the world of industrial and scientific research.


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