Discover the "Outdoor & Landscape" selection selected this year at the ADC Awards.

Les Balcons, Le Portel (62) - Pseudonym

The Parisian agency Pseudonyme still strikes and decorates the Quai Duguay Trouin of the city of Le Portel (62) wooden balconies offering various views on the Opal Coast. A new way to enjoy the waterfront, between mini-public spaces and sculptural installations.


Corsican deer observatory, Casamaccioli (22) - Orma Architettura

After offering tourists the opportunity to discover the three mountains of Casamaccioli (22) with Casa Vanella, Orma Architettura teams are once again promoting the heritage of the Island of Beauty through the construction of three observatories in the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. A sober and modest program where the landscape and its inhabitants are kings.


Harbor master's office, Saint-Chamas (13) - Oh som!

The young French agency OH! SOM architects has recently completed a harbor master's office - for the municipality of Saint-Chamas (13). Minimalist volume of raw concrete, the current building results from a brilliant work of rehabilitation of an existing shed and a collective reflection on the activity of the port of Pertuis. A small achievement by its size, but great by its functions. At the boarding!


h-eva, Ustaritz (64) - A6A

The team from the A6A agency - Atelier 6 Architecture - imagines an innovative concept: a prefabricated and mobile, sustainable and ecological microarchitecture, which they call H-eva. This small wooden house, to be installed everywhere, is a living space reduced to the essentials. Back on the genesis and the challenges of this innovative concept.


Ramp in Creil, Creil (60) - Espace Libre

How to connect an isolated district to the city center? This is the question that the actors of the city of Creil (60) asked the teams of the Espace Libre agency, landscapers and urban planners, who are proposing a development solution that dramatically depicts the landscape. Back on a project that is both discreet and remarkable.


The Observatory, Annecy (74) - JCPCDR Architecture

Since 4 years, the Community of communes of Lake Annecy (74) sources organizes an international call for projects in order to promote the exceptional environment and materials of the region. Entitled "The Festival of Cabins", the competition has notably rewarded the ephemeral cabin project signed JCPCDR. An observatory all dressed in wood to apprehend the wilderness of a water point like no other.


Harbor master's office, Piriac-sur-Mec (44) - THE Architects

The harbor master's office in Piriac-sur-Mer (44) has a new look! The Parisian agency THE architects restructures this port equipment installed in a seaside villa fin-de-siècle and builds a new volume: "an inhabited base", which blends harmoniously with the urban landscape. A successful renovation that enhances both the historic architectural heritage and the urban environment.


Chemin des Carrières, Rosheim-Saint-Nabor (67) - Reiulf Ramstad / Parenthèse Paysage

“The Chemin des Carrières, the career path, is a lace undulating in the landscape, an invitation to travel as our ambition behind the reconquest of the Rosheim-St Nabor railway in Alsace, France. " It is in these words that the architects of the firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter describe the Chemin des Carrières, an 11-kilometer poetic route that brings nature back to the center of the built landscape.


Requalification of the city center, Benfeld (67) - rhb architectes

At the same time urban, architectural and landscaped project, the Requalification of downtown Benfeld (67) by the rhb architects agency and the landscaper Bruno Kubler is a subtle work of heritage enhancement, in order to make the center more attractive and practicable for the inhabitants of the commune.


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