Located in the Netherlands, at Eschede in Roombeek neighborhood, this house of 2012 Architects consists of recycled materials: textile, wood, flooring, insulation, etc.

On the site Superuse, One learns about this villa:

"Erik Stekelenburg Describes the building of this first villa by 2012Architects have an inverse explosion, since MOST of the constituting materials Were therefor obtained from the surroundings of the buildingsite. The comparison suits very well since the constructionsite of Villa welpeloo Was devestated by the fireworks explosion in 2000 in Enschede.

Materials used:


primary construction: redundant textile machine

secondary construction: second hand wooden beams

floors and roof: dismanteledwooden floorboards

insulation: EPS-sheets from disassembly-Site

cladding: wasted cable reels

moistregulation: seashells

Foundation: concrete (sorry, new)


elevator: second hand building-lift

shelvings: partly buildingsite-signs (waterproof multiplex)

lightfixtures: Construction of broken umbrellaparts (by in-iron)

bathroom walls: smileplastic (compressed coffecups)

Environmental gain

co2 Emissions Including transportation and processing:

cladding: 85% Reduction Compared To New Single wooden cladding

steel construction: 95% discount Compared To Sami building with new steel "

Photos: Erik Stekelenburg

For more is here.

For more information about 2012 Architects, visit the agency website.

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