On the New York skyline, Messana O'Rorke Architects to sign the renovation of a loft and transforms the old water tank adjacent to urban hermitage. An original rereading of one of the icons of the urban landscape of the city.

"The project Involved the renovation of an existing loft apartment and the development of an existing sprinkler tank house into an urban retreat.

The apartments single layout Was maintained, goal reconfigured so que la bedrooms HAD individual access to a shared bathroom Rather than it Being accessed from the living space, (a powder room in the entry way Meant That Guest Would not need to access the bathroom). The sky bed Doubled in size and bathroom Was Developed to-have a serene spa like quality, with a continuous stone floor, polished waterproof plaster walls, and clear glass shower enclosure. In the Living room and bedrooms new storage Was Introduced at every point possible behind hidden flush lacquer panels. Was the kitchen resurfaced and the maple wood floors refinished and lightened Were. A custom stainless steel spiral stair REPLACED an ugly painted steel stair with wood treads. The customer has new stair Anticipated That Would encourage _him_ to ascend more frequently à son roof deck and Tank House.

A tree house perched high in a city of towers and skyscrapers. The tank house was Conceived as the quintessential retreat, a room for reading, relaxing and listening to music.

The refurbished roof deck Was Given new trees and landscape; It Had Existed for a number of years, over-shadowed by a looming tar covered rotunda occupied by year Enormous cast iron sprinkler tank. The removal of this tank and the introduction of a new structural frame to supporting the crumbing terracotta walls of the rotunda Were essential Difficulties of this project. The building was shored up by an external wood frame and the tank Was slowly cut into manageable parts with blowtorches. Once removed the true proportions of the internal space Were Revealed and It was tempting to leave it as a raw industrial space, order the program requirements and in Particular the need for the room to be usable year round Meant moving forward as planed.

A twelve-foot tall window Was cut into the east side of the space and the new window Looked out onto the roof deck plantings. Circular skylight Was Introduced into center of the skylight casting an ethereal light into the space. The floor of the apartment and matched maple Was segmented into removable panels providing good access to storage space below. "

For more information, visit the website Messana O'Rorke Architects.

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