Ecolo and high tech, this new mountain lodge lies at the foot of Monte Rosa in the Swiss Alps. Directed by architects Bearth and Deplazes, the metal clad building contrasts with the traditional stone buildings.

"The wood panels structure covered with a glistening metallic coating gives the appearance of a gigantic rock crystal at five levels building with 90% of the needs will be covered by solar energy. Only the gas used in cooking, representing 10% of the energy needs of the shelter, will be delivered by helicopter. The water needs are covered by the melting of nearby glaciers. According to its designers, thanks to the use of renewable energy and storage of water during the summer and recycling, emissions CO2 night by the new shelter will be three times lower than those of the old "hut" located 80 meters downstream. 35 by construction workers over two summers, will cost nearly 4 million and necessitated 3 000 helicopter rotations to climb men and materials. The "hut of Monte Rosa", an attractive accommodation for mountaineers and a magnet for architecture and technology enthusiasts."tells us the site leprogrè

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Discover also the site of Bearth & Deplazes Architects.

Photo credits: Progress/ AFP (1), Stephanie Marie Couson (2), Tonatiuh Ambrosetti (3), Michael Schümperli (4)

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