The Parisian agency Pseudonyme still strikes and decorates the Quai Duguay Trouin of the city of Le Portel (62) wooden balconies offering various views on the Opal Coast. A new way to enjoy the waterfront, between mini-public spaces and sculptural installations.

Enlisted in the project of coastal redevelopment of the town of Le Portel, the three balconies erected by the pseudonym agency give a new look to the seafront and promise holidaymakers to enjoy views of the original Channel.

In the manner of small squares, these gazebos suspended above empty punctuate the parapet and help to create a new identity to the seaside resort. With the aim of connecting the top to the bottom of the site, the project contained a lot of difficulties. Indeed, with the limited budget of 300 000 euros excluding tax, the project managers had the mission to be part of the raw landscape of this beach in the North of France while making their intervention a marker identity. Thus, to embellish this walk, they propose three balconies directed towards the fort of L'Heurt, built under Napoléon.

The terraces reinterpret the duality of the site, between maritime sweetness and rigor of the defensive work, through their materiality. If the alcoves are covered with a warm wood, the glass of the bodyguards gives the impression to the users to be projected in the vacuum without care. An increased sensation by the tapered geometry of the balconies, almost sharp.

What appreciate the wave from a new point of view.

Project title : Balconies on the Sea
Location: Le Portel (62)
Owner: Le Portel town hall
Mastery of work : Pseudonym
Surface area: NC
Cost of works: 300 000 € HT
Calendar : 2019 delivery

To learn more, visit the site of Pseudonyme

Photographs: DR

Zoe Térouinard

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