Who said we had to wait for the university to benefit from a quality school? Certainly not the (very) young pupils of the new nursery school on Jeanne d'Arc Street (13th arrondissement). The kindergarten, designed by LA Architectures and Atelier Desmichelles, is a true ode to nature and warms the heart of the capital.

Proudly set up in the rue Jeanne d'Arc of the 13 arrondissement of Paris, the nursery school designed by LA Architectures and Atelier Desmichelles is part of a plot of complex shape and responds to a destiny all traced: to become a small fragment urban greenery where life is good. The school, located at the heart of the block, supports the environmental ambitions of the SEMAPA and Urban Act, respectively developer and coordinating architect, including biodiversity, indoor air quality and a low carbon footprint. At a time when ecological issues populate minds and debates, LA Architectures delivers an exemplary building with a low energetic borrowing due to bio-sourced materials and benefiting from Passivhaus labeling.

Designed as a walkway from Jeanne d'Arc Street, the 1 753 Square Meter Floor Plan project attempts to fit into the environment as an element of landscape and not as a pure and hard construction. The whole is developed on three plates distributed in staggered terraces as and when the elevation.
The ground floor L-shaped room hosts a hall overlooking the playground and is crossed by an interior street distributing functional and educational spaces. The first floor is dedicated to classrooms accessible via a large circulation open to the outside when the last floor houses a reading room, a health center and a roof terrace. Each floor is characterized by a large presence of light wood and bay windows flooding the different spaces with natural light and connecting the interior to the outside.

The outside, precisely, is a not insignificant point when we speak of kindergarten. Indeed, the heart of the establishment, the court brings together several programs to offer a wide range of entertainment to children. There is a classic playground, a free space where balloons, tricycles and even kermesses cohabit and an "inhabited wall" incorporating storage for organized activities. All outdoor spaces, including the playground, terraces and roofs are largely vegetated, thus raising the awareness of small residents to nature and biodiversity.

An example for future generations.

Project title : Six class kindergarten
Location: Paris (13e)
Mastery of work : LA Architects, Atelier Desmichelle
Surface area: 1 m² SDP
Cost of works: 5 900 000 € HT
Calendar : 2019 delivery

To learn more, visit the website of LA Architectures

Photographs: Charly Broyez

Zoe Térouinard

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