After setting up in Malaga and then in Brussels, the Pompidou Center is exported to Shanghai, China. Following the inauguration of the building built by David Chipperfield, the museum has just opened its doors to the public last Saturday. Back to the genesis of a major project promoting cultural and economic exchanges between France and China.

The Pompidou Center x West Bund Museum Project was born from the association of the West Bund Group - a Chinese company responsible for the development of the new Xuhui Waterfront district - with the museum institution. Over the next five years, the Center Pompidou's Chinese antenna will host various exhibitions based on the collections of the French museum, in order to participate in the cultural influence of the country's largest city.

It is on the north bank of the Huangpu River that stands the glass case made by the British architect David Chipperfield. Located on a raised esplanade bordered by a park, the 25 000 square meters building is divided into three separate, linear volumes, organized around a central hall with a double-height atrium.
At a height of 17 meters, each module has two levels. The upper space still houses a gallery, while the lower rooms respectively host a multipurpose room called The Box, an art studio dedicated to contemporary creation and educational spaces including an auditorium. Three semi-permanent skirmishes and ten temporary exhibitions will punctuate the transdisciplinary programming of the center throughout the partnership.

The facades of the building covered with translucent recycled glass emphasize the horizontality of the three volumes and respond to the shimmers of the river, while offering visitors a panoramic view of the river and the city from inside the museum. We can also contemplate modern and contemporary masterpieces lent by the French institution, from sculpture to photography, through installations. Since the November 8, the inaugural exhibition gives pride of place to new media by exposing remarkable contemporary visual artists such as Pierre Huyghe, Bruce Nauman, or Hito Steyerl.

A monumental architecture put at the service of culture.

To learn more, visit the David Chipperfield Architects website

Photographs: David Chipperfield Architects / Pompidou Center x West Bund Museum Project

Léa Pagnier

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