Known for his woodwork, the Ordinary Workshop signs a new family book in Burgundy. It is more precisely in Beaune that the Alsatian agency conceives a prefabricated house dialoguing with the forest landscape and intended for a couple of winegrowers. A most contemporary cabin built offsite that lets in light through large openings cleverly placed.

Minimalist is not necessarily synonymous with simple. The proof with this House in Beaune realized by the Ordinary Workshop. Specialists in wood construction, the architects conceive for Camille, Guillaume and their three children their ideal house of wood dressed on an isolated plot near workshops and a tobacco barn where nature seems to regain its rights.

The prefabricated house is constructed from tinted wood panels placed on a concrete foundation slab. The silhouette is inspired by huts in traditional woods and is characterized by an asymmetrical two-sided roof. The façade, which varies in color from brown to gray, is reminiscent of the trees surrounding the house and elegantly blends into the landscape. The relationship between the fireplace and the outside is blurred thanks to the large presence of generous openings framing views of the green nature. The interior benefits from optimal natural lighting.

Natural pine floor-to-ceiling, this is the bias of designers for living spaces on the ground floor. The floor, where the attic rooms are installed, uses this use of light wood on the floors and window frames. The set is completed with Stattmann Neue Moebel furniture, also produced in wood.

Where when architectural daily and green spaces become one.

To learn more, visit the site of the Ordinary Workshop

Photographs: Julien Renault

Zoe Térouinard

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