The architectural agency Pietri Architects erects a set of 145 apartments in Marseille (13) on a natural site with lush vegetation. The complex, located at the foot of the Aigle mountain, owes its name, La Crique, to its geographical location. Bright white architecture that enhances the 9th arrondissement while integrating harmoniously with the surrounding nature.

The agency Pietri Architectes imagines an architecture with an organic purity in order to integrate it as well as possible into the natural environment in which it takes place. To do this, this set of 145 collective dwellings, installed in the heart of the Roy du Espagne park, includes two buildings of five levels designed according to the surrounding Marseille landscape. Between the hills, the sea and the century-old pines, La Crique is particularly discreet.

The sinuous lines and the simple volumetry of each entity meander on the site, thus marrying the reliefs of a wild nature. The edifice, all in curvature, indeed recalls the mountainous topography of the Calanques massif. In the continuity of the mountains, the terraces in steps create irregular layers which draw the organic silhouette of each building. These rounded balconies with planters extend the surface of the apartments outside and allow residents to enjoy a personal plant space with a breathtaking view of the landscape.
Likewise, the garden in the center of the plot, where the accesses to the halls are located, attests to the enhancement of an omnipresent nature.

By evoking at the same time the creeks of Marseilles, the green scrubland and the waves of the big blue, La Crique is inspired by the geographical diversity of the region. The referenced architectural vocabulary of the whole thus contributes to the development of a new seaside architecture, where lines, materials and volumes meet the site. Far from distorting the landscape, the structure created by Pietri Architects celebrates Mediterranean nature, culture and lifestyles.

A sober and solar architecture in the image of the region.

Project title : The creek
Location: Marseille (13)
Owner: Constructa / Eiffage Immobilier
Mastery of work : Pietri Architects
Surface area: 8574 m² SDP / 7871m² SHAB
Cost of works: 13,1 M €
Calendar : 2018 delivery

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Photographs: Luc Boegly, Dorrie McVeigh, Stéphane Aboudaram 

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