After the ice rinks of Louviers (27) and Angers (49), the architecture and engineering agency Chabanne is building a contemporary ice rink for the Urban Community of Dunkirk (CUD). Located between land and sea in an old industrial port site called Môle 1, the Michel Raffoux ice rink is helping to revive this historic site. Faced with such an urban context, the Chabanne agency teams created sports equipment that is open to the outside.

Located in an industrial wasteland in full mutation, the Michel Raffoux ice rink in Dunkirk (59) is characterized by a simple and linear volume, a rectangular set composed of several volumes whose proportions and lines have been designed according to the templates and layout existing buildings, in particular the Sugar Hall with which the skating rink shares its forecourt.

“We made the bet of an open and glazed skating rink, in connection with the history of the place. ", Nicolas Chabanne, architect at the head of the Chabanne agency.

Three facades of the sports complex are dressed in an openwork mesh in aluminum cassettes of rusty iron appearance to resonate with the surrounding architectural heritage. More contemporary, the fourth facade and the central volume, all in glass, integrate the skating rink at the port site.

The building houses two ice areas designed for competition and entertainment, an 1800 square meter Olympic arena reserved for hockey or figure skating clubs and an 800 square meter recreational track dedicated to amateurs. The complex also has a dining area, a fully glazed through volume, which offers a breathtaking view of the two skating rinks, in order to contemplate the figures of skaters, from the axel to the pirouette.

The Chabanne agency also made sure to build energy-efficient and environment-friendly equipment. The engineering teams worked hand in hand with the architects to reduce the energy consumption and the environmental impact of such a sports complex. Today, the Michel Raffoux ice rink uses CO2 as a refrigerant and heats the building by recovering the calories from the cold manufacturing process.

On your skates!

Project title : Michel Raffoux ice rink
Location: Dunkirk (59)
Owner: Urban Community of Dunkirk (CUD)
Mastery of work : Chabanne Agency
Surface area: NC
Cost of works: NC
Calendar : NC

To learn more, visit Chabanne agency website

Photographs: Guillaume Guérin / © Chabanne

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