In Paris, the trend is towards the renovation of disused military sites. While the Anyoji Beltrando agency is converting the Reuilly barracks (12th arrondissement) into housing, the Chartier Dalix teams are rehabilitating the Lourcine barracks (13th arrondissement) into an annex to the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne law faculty. An ambitious restructuring which guarantees the conservation of the historic heritage and its adaptation to the current socio-economic challenges of the city.

If the Lourcine barracks is one of the oldest military sites in the capital, its topography and configuration have changed considerably since the end of the 500th century. Although it has already been transformed into a tertiary real estate complex, the barracks have retained their original location around the large rectangular Place d'Armes and its two historic main buildings. On the program: an amphitheater with 27 seats, 2000 teaching rooms, a library of 2 square meters, offices and 9710 official accommodation, spread over XNUMX square meters.
The rehabilitation operation, carried out by the agency Chartier Dalix, at the request of the public establishment for university development in the Ile-de-France region (Epaurif), therefore came back to imagining the new organization of the site taking takes into account both its military past and its future function.

After rehabilitation, the Chartier Alix agency prefers the concept of metamorphosis, because it seeks to take advantage of the history of the preserved architecture to design a new one, with a contemporary interior and equipment adapted to the needs of a higher education establishment. The restructuring of the old barracks first allowed the demolition of multiple previous renovations and the installation of university premises in the two historic buildings and part of the basements of the 1960s building which now houses housing for Department of Defense.
The enhancement of the military heritage is made possible by a minor intervention and a targeted renovation. With the exception of upgrading doors to the outside, rehabilitation is limited to interior fittings.
The modernization of the three entities includes upgrades to thermal, access and security standards, as well as the unveiling of the original materials and structure by an enlarged circulation and a liberation of spaces in order to reveal the soul of the historic site. .

Outside, a green landscape gives character to the university infrastructure. The old Place d'Armes, now converted into an esplanade, was dug out to accommodate the garden, the entrance hall and the auditorium installed in the underground car park. Designed in collaboration with the D&H Paysagistes agency, the gently sloping landscaped garden reveals the plane trees present and the different topographical levels of the site. Three staircases intersect on this green square and lead to the reception center. As a transition airlock between the street and the university, the garden thus becomes a place of exchange and tranquility for students, while opening the Lourcine barracks onto the city.

A brilliant rehabilitation, which goes beyond the only fixed conservation of the Parisian architectural heritage, is based on a dynamic strategy of reconversion of disused places into public facilities.

Project title : University of Law-Paris I, restructuring of the Lourcine barracks
Location: Paris (13e)
Owner: Epurif
Mastery of work : Chartier Dalix
Surface area: 9 m² SDP
Cost of works: 22 M €
Calendar : 2019 delivery

To learn more, visit the agency website Chartier Dalix

Photographs: Takuji Shimmura, Sergio Grazia, Camille Gharbi

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