The Morbihan departmental council (56) entrusted DDL Architects with the reconstruction of the Auguste Brizeux college in downtown Lorient. Located on the seafront, on the same site as its recently demolished predecessor, the new school offers students a quality building.

The agency DDL Architects based in Lorient took up the challenge of rebuilding the college of the Breton town, despite the obvious constraints of its geographical location and its urban context. Located opposite the Lorient marina, the site is characterized by very poor soil lift quality. The team of DDL Architects therefore raised the building, built deep foundations and carried out geothermal energy on piles, in order to avoid any risk of submersion in the event of severe weather.
Erected on a square plot, the college is next to the streets, a planted pedestrian mall and a sports hall. In view of this location and the specifications, the agency also opted for the inclusion of the building in the orthogonal mesh of the city center and the restoration of the historic educational island.

Although the new establishment blends harmoniously with the city, it separates the educational equipment from the public space. Closed on themselves, the different modules of the complex are organized in a U-shaped plan, around an interior courtyard, sheltered from sea winds and often sunny. The main building, to the north, includes a longitudinal atrium with a bioclimatic device, which guarantees thermal comfort in summer and winter while reducing the environmental impact of the complex.
Resolutely contemporary, the college is as aesthetic as it is functional. Perennial and decorative, the white brick, used for the facades, the sign, the fence and the moucharabieh, creates the unity of the complex while putting it at a distance from the city center.

Today, the college can accommodate up to 600 students and is made up of different school hubs with minimalist decor: a reception, spaces dedicated to school life and administration, a documentation and information center, a catering service, as well as specific classrooms equipped with the equipment necessary for the study of science, technology, music and the visual arts.

A veritable sanctuary for learning, the Auguste Brizeux college offers an ideal working environment for Breton students!

Project title : Auguste Brizeux College
Location: Lorient (56)
Owner: Morbihan County Council
Mastery of work : DDL Architects
Surface area: 5 m² SDP
Cost of works: 10,30 M €
Calendar : 2019 delivery

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Photographs: Florence Vesval

Léa Pagnier

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