As part of a new urban renewal program, the city of Vaulx-en-Velin (69) has entrusted the construction of the René Beauverie school group to the architecture firm Dominique Coulon & associés. In the program ? Infrastructure as useful for the pupils as for the inhabitants of the district: a nursery, a nursery school, an elementary school, a playground, a leisure center without accommodation, a dance hall, a sports hall, a library, a multipurpose room, a school canteen and accommodation for the caretaker.

From the street, the school group blends in with the heterogeneity of its urban context, but once the doors of the establishment have been crossed, the students and teachers are immersed in an atypical blue decor, the nuances of which change every hour of the day. following the sunshine. Educational equipment that dares the color from floor to ceiling thus contrasting with the usual austerity of educational establishments. This chromatic bias for educational purposes seems to participate in the awakening of the child by making him aware, from an early age, of the expressiveness of colors.

Horizontal and unitary, the building consists of several rectangular modules. The entrances of the René Beauverie school group overlook a common square, from where the various poles of the complex unfurl.
The ground floor, dedicated to the crèche, nursery school, sports hall, multipurpose room, play area and refectory, is organized around two outdoor courtyards. In R + 1 and R + 2, the elementary school, served by a large staircase also leading to the courtyard of the first floor, includes several classrooms arranged in bridge over a length of forty meters.
Inside, the concrete walls are left rough or painted yellow, pink or blue. The classrooms are simply furnished and bathed in light.

The colors, available in several shades in the courtyards, patios or rooms, give the building an undeniable playful dimension while creating the warm atmosphere and the unity of the complex.

An equipment, colorful, conducive to an open-ended pedagogy which combines leisure, sporting activities and academic education.

Project title : René Beauverie school group
Location: Vaulx-en-Velin (69)
Owner: City of Vaulx-en-Velin
Mastery of work : Dominique Coulon & Associates
Surface area: 6 m² SDP
Cost of works: 12 511 000 € HT
Calendar : 2019 delivery

For more information, visit the website Dominique Coulon & associates

Photographs: Eugénie Pons

Léa Pagnier

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