At the request of Vinci Immobilier, the Toulouse agency Taillandier Architectes Associés is carrying out a refined building to accommodate the new Enova Campus in Labège, near Toulouse (31). Back on the genesis of this university project.

The Enova Campus brings together, under the same roof, four higher schools: ESARC Evolution (School of Business, Management, Finance, Tourism and Information Technology), ESG Toulouse (Business School), Digital Campus (Digital School) and LISAA (The Higher Institute of Applied Arts). This university center, located in the brand new ENOVA business park, offers students from very different sectors an ideal teaching environment for studying and developing their professional project.

Taillandier Architectes Associés constructs an L-shaped building, adorned with a glass envelope composed of insulating curtain walls and aluminum frames. A facade, as sober as it is functional, which guarantees thermal stability and sunshine inside the campus in summer and winter.

The university center is divided into two wings - the east wing and the north-west wing - accessible from the reception hall. On the ground floor, the east wing houses classrooms and an amphitheater, while the north-west one houses offices and premises. In the two upper floors there are administrative services, computer rooms and a few classrooms. Inside, the glass blends harmoniously with the concrete left raw. Some windows, dressed in a colored film, bring a touch of cheerfulness to the simplicity of the shared spaces.

Set in a wooded park, the building opens onto the surrounding landscape. The through hall, entirely glazed, initiates a dialogue between interior and exterior, while the classrooms on the ground floor, with large windows, overlook the pedestrian paths, the watercourse and the green spaces.

Taillandier Architectes Associés realizes a campus with assumed sobriety, where minimalism rhymes with seriousness, tranquility and reflection.

Project title : Enova Campus
Location: Labege (31)
Owner: Vinci Real Estate
Mastery of work : Taillandier Associates Architects
Surface area: NC
Cost of works: NC
Calendar : 2019 delivery

For more information, visit the website Taillandier Associates Architects

Photos: Roland Halbe

Léa Pagnier

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