The architectural agencies Onze04 and Tristan Brisard team up to carry out the extension and restructuring of the school complex in Ambrières-les-Vallées (53). As part of this project, the architects summon raw materials and an ecological approach to transform the old establishment into an open and bright whole, adapted to the learning methods of today's school.

For three years, the teams from the Onze04 and Tristan Brisard agencies worked hand in hand and combined their talents to give a new lease of life to the Ambrières-les-Vallées school group. In the program ? A kindergarten, an elementary school, a multi-purpose room and a canteen.

Today, the establishment adapts best to school life and activities. The new school group, simple and flexible, is now split into two separate entities: each school is organized around its new one, which allows each infrastructure to operate independently while being part of the same whole.
Following the demolition of the accommodation located at the rear of the site, the architects were able to rearrange the forecourt and thus create a meeting point between parents, students and teachers. The road network, also reorganized, accommodates additional parking spaces, and small vegetated plots.
A new, largely open building has been constructed. The extension includes open and spacious spaces with overhead LED lighting without blue light, dual-flow ventilation, ecological heating and an efficient acoustic system,

For the interior design, the architects have bet for the apparent whole in a desire to make the space more fluid. Passionate about materials, they mix wood, concrete and aluminum in all the new classrooms.

For more information, visit the Tristan Brisard and Onze04 websites.

Photographs: Tristan Brisard

Léa Pagnier

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