A stone's throw from Jussieu University, in the 5th arrondissement, stands the new Functional Exploration Center of the Faculty of Science at Sorbonne University. A gray metallic monolith signed Transform.

The Jussieu Functional Exploration Center is located in one of the last free plots on the main campus and discreetly integrates into the heterogeneous structure of the university. In a desire to build a silent architecture, the architects of Transform imagine a compact building, closed on itself, devoid of any ornamentation and only punctuated by a few openings.

Only external elements, such as the sun's rays, neighboring trees or surrounding buildings, introduce an overall movement and give the building its own expressiveness. The challenge of this bias is to conceal the vocation of the building.

Hidden behind the metal envelope, all the technical equipment is furnished in a minimalist style in the image of formal sobriety of the facade. The two levels host clean, white working rooms, accessible via a passage through a sterile barrier. These autonomous workspaces, strictly controlled, are characterized by high air quality, as well as lighting fluxes adapted to the activities of the researchers.

Visible from the Jussieu buildings overlooking the center, the roof is characterized by a green space, which seems to extend the campus park. A perforated walkway connects the center to the research laboratories on the Seine quay, ensuring the connection between the infrastructure and the university.

To know more, visit the Transform website

Photographs: Julien Lanoo

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