The architect Benjamin Fleury erects twenty-six passive PSLA dwellings for COOPIMMO in Montreuil (93). The concrete and wood housing complex signals its presence at the neighborhood level while interacting with the surrounding suburban dwellings.

These twenty-six dwellings facilitate access to property for modest households in the municipality. First-time buyers benefit from an approved loan which allows them to acquire an apartment in the residence at a reduced cost. A measure that allows tenants in Montreal of the OPHML social park to quickly become owners and bequeath their rental to homes in a more precarious financial situation.
Benjamin Fleury's project is split into two entities: the first is urban and located at the edge of public space, the second is residential and placed in the heart of an island. The wooded area between the two constitutes the center of the project, a meeting point for all the inhabitants.

Taking into account the economic fragility of future buyers, Benjamin Fleury designs a set, where costs are reduced to a minimum. The building is therefore organized around a single core of vertical circulation, with stairs and a single elevator, which create direct passages in the complex. Placed in the urban building, this device opens onto landings, which connect the first stud to the second thanks to a walkway. It overlooks passageways leading to the apartments. These internal and external circulations concentrate all the flows, thus promoting conviviality at the center of the building and energy savings.

To this is added a passive labeling of economical design aimed at limiting energy consumption at the building level. Benjamin Fleury has indeed proposed various ecological solutions at reduced cost - solar panels, mechanical ventilation, orientation, triple glazing - in order to achieve energy and financial savings. 

A project as ecological as social.

Project title : 26 PLSA LIABILITIES
Location: Montreuil (93)
Mastery of work : Benjamin Fleury
Surface area: 1 m² SHAB
Cost of works: 3 151 000 € HT
Calendar : 2019 delivery

To learn more, visit Benjamin Fleury's website

Photographs: David Boureau

Léa Pagnier

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