Supported by the town of Taverny (95), the Medical Center designed by the MAAJ Architects agency brings together different doctors in one place, thus making up for the lack of health professionals in the region, and of campaigns in general. Facing inwards, the center is inspired by the structure of the ancient cloisters and puts well-being at the heart of medicine.

Installed on a site bordered by a highway, the complex faces inward where a courtyard in the form of a cross dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal plants takes place. The architects are betting on a return to the sources, guided by the figure of the ancient cloisters, where the quality of life and care take precedence over the rest. A visible thread in the choice of materials. Wood, as well used in structure as in facade, and known for its environmental, durable properties, and its capacity to absorb a large amount of CO2, is almost omnipresent.

The 1 square meter building is organized on a square plan largely bathed in light thanks to the presence of a central patio. At each of its ends, four inclined metal roofs also have a skylight, reinforcing this exceptional place given to natural lighting.

Inside, the architects bet on sober coatings and fittings. Between the glazing, the exposed wood warms the white ceilings and the immaculate fine steel balustrades.

A homecoming more than welcome.

To learn more, visit MAAJ Architects website

Photographs: Da Cunha Leal François-Xavier

Zoe Térouinard

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