The American agency Faulkner Architects, created by Greg Faulkner in 1998, built a spacious family home called "Burnt Cedar" for a family of car enthusiasts. Located on the north shore of Lake Tahoe opposite Burnt Cedar Beach in Incline Village (Nevada, United States), the residence rhymes with steel, light wood, textured concrete, glass and contemporary furniture.

Perched on the hills of the Sierra Nevada, the house was designed by the architects in close collaboration with the sponsors, who fantasized of a space widely open on the landscape giving the impression of living in the middle of the pines, between light and shade. They wanted indeed a calm and serene pavilion establishing privileged links with the surrounding nature, the trees, the mountains and the lake.

The pavilion, designed as a large loft, takes the form of a rectangular box, half buried in the slope of the land. The simple volume contributes to blend the building into nature and to give the house the tranquility so desired by the owners. Perforated wood ceilings and acoustic plaster walls, for example, filter noise pollution, while remaining in a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic.

Simple in appearance, the residence is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment ensuring the comfort of the inhabitants throughout the year. The private garden has access to the family boat, while the underground garage dug under the house with walk-in access to the street can house up to six vehicles, a must for this family keen on vintage cars.

The house also offers a breathtaking view of the lake. The large windows and double-height glazing provide the natural light needed to light the interior spaces, thus responding to the sponsors' desire to have the feeling of living in the landscape rather than in a house.

A timeless house where life is good.

To learn more, visit Faulkner Architects website

Photographs: Faulkner Architects

Léa Pagnier

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