In the city of Zapopan in Mexico, stands the Casa A690. This residential house from the seventies gets a facelift after being completely renovated by the Mexican architect Delfino Lozano. 

Delfino Lozano transforms a house dating from the 1970s into a minimalist haven of peace, where white reigns supreme, both inside and out. The building consists of several volumes, a rectangular module on the ground floor and a double height upper block.

Taking the side of heterogeneity, the architect merges Mexican architectural vocabulary and Mediterranean influences. In this charming three-story house, he has in fact favored a mixture of styles. The private interior garden with a pool and the roof terrace paved with terracotta tiles reinterpret traditional Mexican architecture, while white all-over and sober materials - concrete, wood and wrought iron - recall the simplicity of Mediterranean houses.

Inside, a new extension houses the workshop of the new owner. On a white background, the main staircase, storage, floors and integrated seats in dark wood contrast with the white walls, as well as with the ceilings and steps in gray concrete. The original rectangular openings have given way to arched windows, bull's-eyes and skylights. This is the judicious choice of Delfino Lozano to let in natural light.

An elegant home, whose harmony is born from plurality.

Photographs: DR

Léa Pagnier

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