The city of Athis-Mons (91) has a new leisure center. Designed by the Parisian agency Graal Architecture, the 610 square meter monolith is characterized by a rhythmic concrete facade tinted in the mass of a pink color. Located on a complex site, the building provides the link with the rest of the neighborhood. Zoom on a set that articulates the different scales of this part of the city with panache.

The project, led by Graal Architecture, responds to two distinct issues: to offer equipment adapted to open pedagogy while compensating for the city's demographic increase. Installed on an alluvial plain located between the Seine and the Orge defined by its rail infrastructure, the building takes place in an area on the fringes of urban development, extending to the southwest and northeast of the town . The establishment of the Jaurès complex then makes it possible to connect this space to the city center, in particular by creating an opening onto the Notre-Dame de la Voie church.

Designed as an inseparable whole of its fluvial sector, the Leisure Center is placed on a mineral base of approximately one meter in height, allowing both "Make the plot resilient to the rise of the highest water levels", as the firm points out, and to remove children from a visual exhibition from the street, while opening the interior spaces to the outside.

On the design side, the project managers are banking on a facade with a marked identity running along the railway tracks for 40 meters. The bias here is surprising given the program. The usual bright colors now give way to a dynamic envelope made up of curved concrete veils in the color between pink and gray and overhung by a green roof.

“It is ultimately a question of going beyond the imagination linked to early childhood buildings to put in place an element that unites and protects. " architecture Grail

The interior spaces enjoy the same brutalist treatment where concrete and large bay windows are warmed by a subtle presence of wood. The set includes sober workshop rooms, which can be adapted to a wide range of activities, as well as an educational kitchen that comes into direct contact with the large hall and the exterior in order to make children aware of waste management. .

To learn more, visit Graal Architecture website

Photographs: Schnepp Renou

Zoe Térouinard

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