South African interior design agencies Fox Browne Creative and Alexander + Walt transformed the former Sossusvlei lodge, built in the 1990s in Namibia (Africa), into a luxury hotel. Very confidential, the ten new pavilions awaken in guests a healthy state of mind, mixed with a pleasant feeling of tranquility.

& Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge includes ten individual lodges, a main building and a large shared swimming pool. The rooms of the half-villa, half-cabin hotel discreetly populate the hills and dunes of the Namib Desert. With stones left untreated and metal structures with an industrial appearance, each single-storey pavilion blends in perfectly with the landscape. Far from the sanitized and impersonal atmosphere of some large hotels, the lodges make the complex akin to an isolated village, where life is good.

In terms of decoration, the Fox Browne Creative and Alexander + Walt teams opted for imposing furniture, bargain-hunted pieces and local creations, all mixed in abundance and available in sober colors.

The plus of the hotel? Its sustainable architecture. The villas all have flat roofs topped with photovoltaic solar panels, which creates enough energy to guarantee both the energy autonomy of each gîte and environmentally friendly water recycling.

Sun, sand and swimming pool… It is the ideal hotel to get away from it all during the holidays.

For more information, visit the agencies' websites Fox Browne Creative et Alexander + Walt.

Photographs: DR

Léa Pagnier

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