The Milanese agency Peter Pichler Architecture is developing a new concept for sustainable houses. Nestled in the pine trees of West Virginia in the United States, these small wooden shelters offer an exceptional tourist experience in the middle of the forest.

These individual huts called “Tree Houses” are small wooden entities, which discreetly fit into the landscape: “We believe that the future of tourism is based on the relationship of human beings with nature. A sustainable and well integrated architecture can amplify this relationship, nothing else is necessary ”, explains Peter Pichler, the agency's founder, when he returns to the genesis of the project.

The “Tree Houses” were indeed designed with a view to communion with the environment. Their geometric volume characterized by a double-pitched roof is inspired by the shapes of the trees in the surrounding woods, while the black tinted coating of the roof creates a camouflage effect. Each structure was almost entirely built of wood from local sawmills, and thus fits into the history of the region. Everything blends in perfectly with the landscape.

The houses have a living area ranging from 36 to 55 square meters, and each of them is spread over two levels, connected by a staircase and oriented so as to offer breathtaking views of Lake Dawson. The lower floor hosts the relaxation area, and the upper one the bedroom and the bathroom. The interior is warm, thanks to the light wood lining the walls from floor to ceiling.

The “Tree Houses” take part in the vast “Dawson Lake” project, a laboratory serving many ecological alternatives, from working the land to understanding the ecosystem. The complex includes a small, local and sustainable farm, as well as a conference and event center offering food, health and environmental considerations.

Designed as sustainable architectures, these houses are part of an ecological perspective and advocate a return to nature!

To learn more, visit Peter Pichler Architecture site.

Photographs: © Peter Pichler Architecture


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