In the Islington district of London, the British architecture agency Wes Architecture has completely renovated a house dating from the beginning of the Victorian era.

The architects of Wes Architecture took up the challenge of rehabilitating a listed 1990th century house, renovated several times until the XNUMXs, but without taste or consistency. Wishing to rethink the spirit of the place, they have preserved architectural elements from the past and imagined a warm and contemporary interior that is easy to live in.

The architects have redesigned the space with beautiful materials and reinterpreted each room, so that the house is now characterized by great creativity in the choice of layouts, materials and colors.

In the house, a limestone staircase replaces an antiquated wooden staircase, which had been added in the 1980s. This main staircase, made with three monolithic limestone stones, structures the space. On the ground floor, a new steel and glass extension opens the living room to the outside. On the first floor, the rooms regain their luster of yesteryear thanks to the restoration of the moldings and the leveling of the floors, but are colored according to a most creative palette. The bathroom is fully painted pink and the bedroom is decorated with midnight blue panels. Simplicity dominates on the second and third levels. On the floor reserved for the owners, a walnut dressing room connects the master bedroom to the bathroom. Under the roof, the architects have set up a small private office open to the city.

A daring renovation that brings together the different stories of the building.

To learn more, visit Wes Architecture agency website.

Photographs: © Ben Blossom

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