The Dutch agencies Ruimtemakers Architecten and Niels Maier have designed a graphic house with astonishing volume with four hands. Nestled in the forest of a large property located on the edge of the Limburg village of Beek (Netherlands), the residence is a haven of peace far from any urban bustle.

The architects of Ruimtemakers Architecten erected a house made up of three very different volumes. The main gray brick volume accommodates the living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as the master bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor. The second wooden volume houses the laundry room and an ironing room. The third volume, mounted on the roof of the residence, made from a solid Corian® composite material, whose appearance is similar to granite. Its white facade decorated with oblique lines also gave its name to the house. Although these three entities are very different, they nevertheless form a harmonious whole. This play of contrasts continues inside the residence.

The teams of the interior design agency Niels Maier have indeed imagined a minimalist interior, whose palette reduced to the essential is sometimes punctuated with colorful touches. The interior of the house is sober and elegant. The walls and ceilings are white, and the floors are dark gray. Contemporary details and well-chosen or custom-made furniture give the various rooms their own identity while creating the cozy atmosphere so desired by the owner.

Together, the agencies Ruimtemakers Architecten and Niels Maier sign a very atypical house.

To learn more, visit Ruimtemakers Architecten website et that of Niels Majer.

Photographs: © Cafeine, Thomas De Bruyne

Léa Pagnier

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