Founded by Chloé Leymarie and Eva Gourdon in 2014, Atelier Leymarie Gourdon took up the challenge of redeveloping an apartment created from the combination of two adjoining apartments. For this Parisian apartment dedicated to welcoming a family, the agency has thus rethought the distribution, functionality and consistency of the accommodation.

At the request of the owners, a couple with several children, the duo carried out clever work on the layout to transform this 160 square meter apartment into a family home that is both intimate and warm.

At the junction of the two apartments, the living room now takes place, which connects the bedroom and the parental bathroom to the rooms dedicated to children. Located at each end of the apartment, these two areas are separated. The new owners wanted the reorganization of the space to guarantee everyone their privacy.

To create the friendly atmosphere of the apartment, the architects opted for a living room with a kitchen open to the dining room. In the center of the kitchen, a minimalist central island streamlines circulation and promotes moments of sharing around it. They also used wood as a common thread. The semi-recessed wooden cupboards, which hide the storage and the appliances, interact with the large library in the dining room. In the three bedrooms, the office and the living room, we find this same frame through various wooden elements, including parquet, storage, furniture.

A very successful renovation!

To learn more, visit Atelier Leymarie Gourdon website.

Photographs: © BCDF

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