For the seventh year in a row, the ADC Awards 2020 rewarded fourteen remarkable architectural achievements on Wednesday 9 September at the Carreau du Temple in Paris (11th arrondissement), during a ceremony closing the Materials & Light fair. Today, the editorial team warmly thanks the partners of the 2020 edition!

Inspired for more than 150 years by the beauty and the natural qualities of terracotta, Terreal designs, produces and markets innovative solutions for the building envelope through four activities: roofing, structure, solar and facade-decoration. 

lemoal lemoal architectes: Gonzague Saint-Bris social and cultural center
Located on the dividing line, the project had to integrate into its environment without disturbing the neighborhood. A strong constraint, ultimately a source of inspiration for the architects who imagined bringing down the roof on the rear facade in order to close the space. An integral protective shell made of a Pommard flat tile, whose scrambled skin gives the illusion of an irregular superposition which brings a singular relief to the buildings. Its mix of shades, from fiery red to almost black brown, brings warmth, conviviality and movement to the facade.


360 ° Architecture: Las Fonsès School Group
Treated here on large flat areas detached from the facade, the enameled brick surprises the viewer with its incredible ability to manage light, reflecting it like glass but also permeating it. To the point that blue dares all the nuances and variations throughout the day and the seasons. Dull and almost black in stormy weather, it becomes azure when the sky is clear and then reveals all its luminosity.


Poly-Pac offers all its interlocutors innovative, comprehensive and turnkey solutions in the service of interior and exterior architectures, translucency and control of light.

Rudy Ricciotti and forma6: Nantes station
The connectable Arcoplus 932-7 is a polycarbonate roofing system that combines insulation, technicality (large spans) and aesthetics. Thanks to a work developed upstream with Demathieu and Bard, we were able to respond to the particular values ​​of light transmission and solar factor by developing a special plate for this project. The choice of polycarbonate is imposed because of its lightness. This is a major quality to adapt to the innovative three-dimensional framework of the project.


TECHNAL is a French company offering aluminum construction systems: facades and curtain walls, doors, windows, sliding windows ... "Because harmony is essential to your daily life, we imagine joinery that creates well-being and always more efficient. Also, TECHNAL solutions are tailor-made and adapt to each project, offering a sleek design and maximum performance to meet the many needs of the building and residential market, both new and refurbished. TECHNAL offers its Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminum joinery, a further step towards low carbon and the circular economy.

Taillandier Associated Architects: Campus Enova
The Taillandier Architectes Associés agency has devised a sober program with a resolutely industrial character for the new ENOVA Campus located in Labège, near Toulouse. This L-shaped graphic building brings together four higher schools (ESARC Evolution, ESG Toulouse, Digital Campus and LISAA). The concrete structure erected on three levels covers a glazed envelope made up of GEODE curtain walls and SOLEAL 65 frames, with thin and discreet aluminum profiles. These TECHNAL solutions were prescribed for their minimalism. 


Vitrocsa's invention does not relate to the minimal window per se, but rather to its transposition into contemporary standards. Vitrocsa has reinvented the minimal window, both from the point of view of technical requirements and of its aesthetic outcome ...

Nicolas Dahan: Wooden Villa
The V32 range is thermally reinforced with a fiberglass profile. This range is made for standard sliding or fixed openings and the thin profile allows to increase the brightness in the room.


Established in Montbard in Burgundy since 1902, METAL DEPLOYE® is the French leader in the production and processing of expanded metal for architecture and industry. The expanded metal is produced by a unique process of synchronized metal shearing and drawing which does not generate material losses. Carried out cold by mechanical presses, this manufacturing process requires little energy and the metal scraps due to technical adjustments are 100% recyclable.

VIGUIER architecture, town planning and landscape: Identity One
FS + is a solar control concept developed by the design office and technical services of the company METAL DEPLOYE. FS + is all the skills and experience acquired over many years in supporting and carrying out architectural projects which are combined to provide an economical and efficient solar control solution. For Identity, the choice of the product was made on two criteria: protecting the office levels from the sun's rays while letting in as much light as possible.


Everlite Concept, Light Architecture
Everlite Concept, Architecture Lumière has been working with architects since 1987 to make natural light a source of comfort and well-being. Everlite Concept designs, manufactures and markets high quality natural lighting and translucent thermal insulation systems combining aesthetics, innovation and performance. The design office and the entire team are mobilized to guide the architects, from the first sketches to completion.

The Danpalon® BRV by Everlite Concept adorns the elevation of the new Headquarters of contemporary creation for the Montpellier metropolis: the MO.CO., hotel of collections. On the courtyard side of the building, this contemporary minimalist space contrasts with the rest of the building-tool dating from the XNUMXth century. With the translucent characteristics of the polycarbonate that make up Danpalon® BRV, the structure evolves in line with the lighting and its environment. The backlighting gives a whole new identity at night and beckons in the cityscape of Montpellier.

To learn more, visit the ADC Awards website and discover the winners of the 2020 edition.


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