The house that moves with the sun is in Warsaw and bears the signature of the KWK PROMES architectural firm which resolves with technological mastery the need for shadow areas and greater solar exposure at the discretion of the sponsors, by the rotation of a central body of the city.

The architectural configuration, divided into 3 volumes, was studied as a sundial, hence the name Quadrant House, an ancient device used to determine the position of a celestial body, reason which forms the basis of the concept of mobile section of the building. . The main volume is spread over two floors: on the ground floor, facing the private part of the garden, is the living room and upstairs two night bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms. Positioned perpendicular to the main volume, the SPA area which, together with the first, determines the two ends that link the movement of the terrace. The latter, in fact, thanks to a completely automated guidance system, turning 90 degrees between the day area and the SPA gives the desired shade and allows better solar lighting during winter.

The interiors were designed by the PULVA group with the aim of creating a close correlation with nature, recalling tones and textures. The palette of white, gray and black tones on the ground floor is enriched by a conscious use of warm tones dictated by the insertion of numerous works of art. The rooms, on the other hand, take on earth tones, from pale grays to beiges, creating an intimate and at the same time welcoming atmosphere.

The CEADESIGN taps in polished stainless steel with a careful and rigorous design, complete the bathroom areas by being reflected in the large mirrors and giving the room luminosity and depth.


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