After two years of design and four years of work, Gare Montparnasse has been transformed. Thanks to its methacrylate glass roof enthroned above the Vasarely hall, the emblematic building becomes a veritable well of light ... 

The specifications required making the station more functional and responding to the constant increase in the number of users (77 million visitors per year and 90 million in the long term). From now on, the station which promotes intermodality, lets in the light and opens onto the city. 

Here, the concrete disappears while the scale eliminates the crushing to reveal a light architecture in majesty and thus offer a cardinal transparency. The view over Paris, the light, the transparency… All these elements become a compass for the traveler who arrives and who instinctively locates the exits, the metro, the shops…

The current light then comes to irrigate the station up to the level of the square and thus improve the feeling of space; it easily guides the gaze of the traveler.

The footbridge, pure aerial, offers a promenade with a glass floor of 330 meters and allows the light to descend in the low areas under the ceiling to the ground floor. A structure (of 4 blocks of 15 to 20 tons), a real technical feat of the engineers of HDA (Hugh Dutton & Associés), specialist in glass and metal constructions. A work of art made of metal beams and glass panels that was built in Haute Loire by the company Gagne goldsmith in the field.

The footbridge accentuates the sculptural and dynamic aspect while the hoppers crossed by the light raise the gaze of the traveler and the guide. Thanks to these gaps, natural light floods the building… An extraordinary object 15 meters in diameter and 660 kg in aluminum designed by Patrick Jouin…


Key information:

Architect: Sanjit Manku 
Designers: Patrick Jouin "andJouin Manku

Jouin Manku Project Team: Yann Brossier, Mathias Debien, Bruno Pimpanini, Axel Mak, François Isone

Associated contracting authority: SNCF Gares & connections / Altarea Commerces

Design: Altarea / JOUINMANKU

Project management: AREP / JOUINMANKU / SLA

Lighting designer: L'Observatoire International

Engineers: Jacobs (study phase), Builders (exe phase) and SLA Architecture, Atelier TESS (shop front), Hugh Dutton & Associés (gateway)

General contractor: Dumez (agent), Axima, Inéo, and SBM

Companies and craftsmen: Gagne Construction Métallique, Setal Structure Aluminum, Odeli Lighting Factory, Métal Creation, Augagneur, Saga (furniture)

Visuals : © Eric Laignel


To learn more, visit the Jouin Manku agency website.



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