We owe to Studio Jaouen the creation of a music pavilion in the garden of a house directly linked to the large existing terrace and swimming pool to be able to rehearse and organize small private concerts.

The condition was to be able to play the piano outside and that the bassist of the group could play his solo above the water of the swimming pool.

The architects immediately imagined blurring the threshold between the interior and the exterior, to increase the relationship with the garden tenfold over the seasons. The pavilion is thus connected to the house by a long natural stone wall accentuating the intimate relationship between the terrace and the swimming pool.

A magnificent architectural setting, in the heart of a Mediterranean garden.

For the design of the music room, the architects called on an acoustician to size and validate the custom-designed elements.

The pavilion has made it possible to requalify and modernize the existing terrace while offering it a frame on the garden. A black steel border creates the link between the existing and the project, while emphasizing the strong horizontal lines.

The exteriors, very mineral, contrast with the interior of the music room, all in wood dressed and designed to measure. A curved cladding makes it possible to absorb the sounds reflected on the many joinery. These are complemented by long natural linen curtains. The ceiling is made up of holes absorbing different sound frequencies.

studio jaouen

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