At the extreme south-west of Nanterre, the plot of the project originally housed a group of small disparate individual houses. Here CoBe wanted to create a real architectural event at the corner of the two streets where the project is located. 

The first intention of CoBe was to restore a clear alignment to the public roads, in the continuity of the neighboring buildings and to offer a good height on the ground floor. 

The corner part - in brick - extends as close as possible to the street by adopting a cutaway with rounded angles housing the loggias and a high porch on the ground floor. The other two facades - in white plaster - visible from the public space are set back from the street, thus making it possible to free up green spaces on the ground floor and to insert private gardens and balconies added to the upper floors. 

The building rises on 7 levels, including a recessed attic level to accommodate large terraces and to read only 6 levels from the street in order to visually reduce the height of the building. 

At the corner of the building made up of a concrete structure, solid brick in various colors was chosen to give the structure a lasting and qualitative appearance, while recalling the colors and materials present in the surrounding area. On their sides, the windows have been worked so that their dimensions are visually accentuated. 

We thus find solid lintels in black painted concrete which extend the openings in height and width, thus fitting into the regular frame of the brick and visually lightening the entire building. 

For the parts set back from the street, a white plaster contrasts the whole, and accommodates suspended metallic balconies in black. All of the building's joinery is made of aluminum, and vertical bar locks guarantee a quality of guardrail throughout the building. 

On the roof, the terraces are covered with solid wood slabs, and solar panels are used to produce part of the hot water needs of the homes. 


Visuals ©: Martin Argyroglowaterbuck

To learn more, visit the website of the CoBe agency.


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