The architectural, heritage and urban creation and reprogramming agency, h2o architectes presents its latest project: the Studio Louvre in Paris. An ambitious artistic and cultural center located in the heart of the eponymous Museum started in 2019… 

The project is at the heart of the Richelieu wing of the Louvre, which has been the subject of several work campaigns. The Studio brings together two programmatic entities that the management of the museum wishes to link: the forum, a third place for young people (exhibitions, conferences and rest area) serving as an entrance to the educational spaces and the educational center itself with its rooms of training for adults and children, adapted from the reserves of the Arts of Islam. 

The forum, a place of conviviality and exchange, finds its place in front of the large gallery. The alcoves released by the plan of the vaulted spaces guide its layout and its uses, carried by devices of bleachers, picture rails and shelving. This modular and evolving space forms a break in the journey within the museum: visitors are invited to discover the workshops, document themselves or rest. 

A large wooden plinth emphasizes the continuity of the sequence of arches to form seating and storage. The white and luminous backdrop incorporates shelving that shows the productions of the various workshops in the form of a dynamic archive. The play of curved walls draws meeting places. The windows that are interspersed in and between the rooms and the workshops provide views between the new activities installed in the heart of the Louvre.


Visuals ©: MVerret / h2o architects

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