Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne (CAPG), behind this large-scale project, called on the Parisian agency Label Experience for the interior design and Camborde Architectes for the architecture of this new building inaugurated in September last. 

An exceptional building dedicated to energizing the Basque territory and offering start-ups, creators, companies and students a place that connects them to the world.

The Connector therefore has a humanist and local vocation: open to all, dynamic and connected!

From the marketing and interior design concept to the follow-up of the realization, without forgetting the creation of all the signage and the reflection on the uses and user paths, Label Experience shows here again its ability to draw inspiration from a context to imagine a storytelling that materializes in spaces. 

The Connector includes large and varied workspaces, with open spaces and closed offices. Label Experience has worked on the uses of residents to offer them services and places designed to facilitate teamwork, promote creativity and well-being at work.

The idea of ​​connection lies at the heart of the development of this project which includes workspaces but also spaces to meet and exchange (atrium and rooftop), relax (rest room and gym), learn ( 300-seat auditorium and 90-seat amphitheater). The Connector also brings together a working café for residents as well as a business restaurant accessible to the public: everything is done to share, exchange, meet!

Adept at creating inspired and inspiring concepts, Label Experience imagined for Le Connector a storytelling rooted in Basque culture, taking up the region's distinctive characteristics and symbols. 

The workspaces are inspired by the mountains and the natural riches of the region; the world connects in meeting rooms, which reference international surf spots; Each relaxation area is associated with a Peña (Spanish term for a group of people sharing a common passion) with its own values, name, colors and coat of arms, to promote cohesion and a sense of belonging. The amphitheater is a place of emulation, like a breaking wave referring to the nearby ocean.

Finally, to equip, furnish and decorate these different spaces taking into account the desired atmospheres, Label Experience has selected for this project many brands of furniture, materials or lighting, in addition to custom-made furniture.

Whether iconic (Pedrali, Hay, Lambert&Fils), local (SOKOA, Alki, Ondaretta) or emerging, all these brands fit together harmoniously down to the smallest detail to respect the beautiful story told in this new place that we are looking forward to. to introduce you in more detail.



45 Avenue du President JF Kennedy, 64200 Biarritz

Client: Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne.

Author-director architect: Camborde Architectes.

Interior designer: Label Experience: marketing concept, architectural concept, uses, furniture, materials, graphic identity (signage and graphic decorations)


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