David Hybre will wait until he is 39 to become a qualified architect! In 2011, he created his studio: Hybre Architecte, a real meeting place between the actors of architecture and those of the construction trades. Portrait. 

David Hybre, its founder, began his studies with a degree in construction economics, specializing in reinforced concrete in Bordeaux. He then worked as an economist with the architectural firm Claude Marty, a specialist in individual houses, who studied with Sallier, Courtois and Lajus, remarkable architects of the modern movement of the 70s.  

This professional experience is a great source of inspiration for David Hybre. She teaches him the profession of architect, and allows him to familiarize himself with the workings of this profession... 

After fifteen years of work and learning, David Hybre finally passes the competition for the school of architecture. He was then 35 years old. Four years later, he obtained his architectural diploma at the school of Nantes. We are then in 2009. 

In 2011, he founded his agency Hybre Architecte in Bordeaux with the aim of designing and building high-end individual houses. The agency now has about fifteen employees and operates in the fields of the construction of high-end villas as well as hotel programs. 


To learn more, visit the site of Hybre Architecte.



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