Presented at the last show [email protected] the 8 and 9 October 2009 at the Grande Halle de la Villette, this exhibition proposed by the Innovathèque offered visitors an overview of innovative, intelligent and communicating materials.




The Innovathèque is an innovative materials resource center developed by the FCBA and VIA, "place of exchange between artists who seek information on materials and industrial offering and want to advertise their products. In broad terms, the Innovathèque is reaching out to all housing sector actors and the creation of products: industrial, craftsmen, designers, architects intéireur, interior designers, furniture manufacturers ... "

In this exhibition, many materials can be seen, textiles, sheets of synthetic materials, films, glass or metal tiles, etc. Exploiting the latest technological advances, these materials change under pressure or manipulation, under the influence of water, others offer various optical effects, are transformed by light, under the influence of electricity or in the heat. Active and reactive, chameleons evolving in contact with their environment and their users, these technical materials widen the field of possibilities, allowing to imagine applications hitherto improbable, in architecture as in design.


E-1759-R - Textile changing color to stretching



Polyurethane changing color depending on the temperature



IPS Thermocolor - thermo-sensitive pigments




For more information on these materials, visit the Innovathèque.









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