The VDArchitectures agency, which specializes in housing and sports equipment, delivered an entirely wooden pavilion, MOB, last year. A project located in Sommecaise (89) which received the prize for remarkable achievement in wood by FIBOIS 2021. 

The surrounding and pre-existing forest in which the house is inserted is one of the particularities of the project. A very rich vegetation is composed mainly of old oaks which reach significant heights, with peaks of more than 20 m, was for the architects particularly inspiring. The forest-house relationship is constant and pervasive. It is manifested by the views, the circulations, the deployment of large outdoor terraces and by the organization of the volumes. 

The fairly contained dimensions of the work due to economic constraints, have been transformed into an opportunity to lengthen, stretch, deploy the pieces in space and thus define different areas and their use. The volumes organized in checkerboards are both a fragmented interpretation of the traditional shape of the pavilion with a double-pitched roof which was imposed by the specifications of the estate, and allow multiple uses indoors and outdoors. The north-east terrace is used for lunches, the south-west one for afternoons. The patio between the bedrooms out of sight is used for more private activities such as reading. 

The large bay windows are aligned to create piercing views into the depth of the plot which has narrow and long proportions. Being quite high, they have been designed from the inside out to appreciate the view of the trees in all their height. The resulting soothing atmosphere and the comfort brought by the wood both in winter and in summer, because the wooden house is very well insulated; make this construction a remarkable place in harmony with the surrounding nature. 

The design of the interior space is borrowed from simplicity: a large through volume, with two terraces at the ends, constitutes the living room with the stove, the dining room and the kitchen. Two additional volumes form the children's bedroom and the bathroom, the toilets, the parental bedroom and the storage. The bathroom is entirely clad in water-repellent treated wood. The floor is polished concrete, warm and elegant, light gray color. 


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