"Rendez Belgium finest! Vote for the ugliest building in Belgium since the demolition of Stallaert want to destroy it." Here is the funny new communication campaign and shifted by this Belgian company specialized in demolition.




To participate, log on to the site and find the ugliest building in your opinion by selecting it from a list or on the map. If the worst is not present in the database, you just have to add it by indicating its coordinates and uploading a photo.

The building which receives the most votes will be declared the winner and elected "the ugliest building in Belgium". Stallaert will then suggest to its owner to demolish it and offer the person who nominated it a helicopter flight over the site.







Clarification of the organizers:


"Can I nominate a royal monument? Each choice, as the building is ugly, it works. But the chances that we can actually destroy it are obviously weaker."

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