The Ôzento loft is the habitat of tomorrow. You have heard of tiny houses or even geodesic houses, but do you know the panoramic loft? Brand new to the housing market, these homes have it all: contemporary design and eco-responsible construction.

The startup Ôzento was born from the meeting of Philippe Gallois, Pauline Duloutre and the Fritsch+Durisotti design studio. Together, they imagined the house of tomorrow. 

Designed from natural materials, this new concept of modular and ecological housing allows immersion in nature thanks to its vast panoramic openings. 

Existing in different modules ranging from 25 to 150m2, Ôzento adapts to many uses: from the extension of a building, the creation of offices, shops or luxury hotel rooms, Ôzento meets domestic or professional needs. . 

The Ôzento concept stands out on two points: its design and its very short installation time (one month for construction and 7 days for installation and assembly on site).

In addition, the design of these lofts is remarkable, a sleek, elegant and contemporary design that can even be personalized according to needs and desires - staircase, high or low terraces, vegetation, etc. An innovative design that is not went unnoticed since Studio Fritsch+Durisotti won the French Design 100 with this Ôzento project. A high distinction that promotes French creation in the world

The startup Ôzento puts environmental issues at the heart of its concerns. She then imagined a construction and an installation allowing the lofts to greatly limit their impact on the environment.

Most of the loft is pre-built in the factory. This allows many advantages: the benefit of the quality of an industrialized process, a significant reduction in the impacts and nuisances of the construction site in an urban environment.

On site, the lofts are installed on stilts. This installation limits the footprint on the ground, in particular with piles screwed into the ground, which can be removed at the end of the module's life, thus leaving the ground free of any foundation. The withdrawal of this dwelling thus leaves no trace except the sweet memory of the moments spent in the middle of nature. Its ability to be moved should not frighten the most reluctant, lofts have a lifespan equivalent to that of a traditional building or house. 

Ôzento is also an autonomous loft thanks to its energy-efficient options, with the installation of a solar panel, the recovery and treatment of rainwater... Ôzento lofts are the reflection of an innovative habitat, ecological and economical. 



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