Inspired by the legendary architecture of Berlin's department stores, Max Dudler redesigned the facades of the northern part of the Tegel district. It thus signs a new pole of attraction for this revitalized pedestrian area.

Tegel is part of a large project to modernize and expand an approximately 250 meter long pedestrian area called Gorkistrasse, which includes the former district shopping centre, the former Hertie department store and the famous Tegel market .

Carried out in collaboration with HGHI, the project aims to revitalize this historic Berlin landmark and reinvest the soul of Tegel by creating a new attraction. Among the objects of this rehabilitation: the modernization of a building from the 1970s representing a high architectural mission in terms of "sustainability".

In the northern part, the new Galeria-Kaufhaus recalls the legendary façade of the Karina, which no longer exists today.

For this operation, the general architecture is intended to be lively and varied, and presents details that fascinate passers-by day and night. Among the elements that catch the eye: the strong contrasts of materials and colors of the covering in high quality natural stone (light limestone, green granite, gray limestone with shells). Something to articulate and punctuate the whole.

A new piece of urban life in the Tegel district with revisited shops and offices that transform the district, transcend it... 



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