It is in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, in the province of Florence, in the heart of the Chianti region that this project of industrial architecture and offices fully integrated into the surrounding nature is established.

This operation puts into perspective an essential theme: the integration of industrial architecture in a bucolic Italian landscape, thus offering the opportunity to rethink the quality of the workspace. 

The Furla factory extends over 42 m² of land - 000 m² built - and offers three main volumes (one for offices, two for laboratories and logistics), designed to blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, without too much contrast. Design and nature coexist here in a functional balance.

The morphology of the land is truly taken into consideration and is enhanced by three fundamental elements - the driveway, the terraces and the Piazza Furla - which define clear zones around the volumes of the building. 

Thanks to a system of patios and green roofs overlooking the wooded area, nature crosses the boundaries between inside and outside. The main entrance recalls the archetypal access to Tuscan villas: a linear row of cypress trees welcoming visitors and showing them the way to follow. This rhythm is reproduced on the facade of the buildings with filter blades for solar protection.

The entrance to the offices, with the double-height reception and the large open-air hall, becomes the point where the boundaries between architecture and landscape merge. The interiors have been designed to offer real layout flexibility. The orderly sequence of offices is punctuated by green patios, or relationship spaces.

Nature is an important element, not only because of its beauty (Chianti hills), but also because it creates a pleasant environment once integrated into the building: patios, green coverings and natural light contribute to a space more sustainable workplace, where people can also relax and enjoy being in contact with nature.

Finally, sustainability plays a key role in this project, which has been designed to follow best practices in green energy.


Visuals ©: Fernando Guerra



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