The architecture studio, Atelier JMCA has refurbished a Peugeot Boxer utility vehicle into a mobile office! Objective: to design a mobile office for two people, allowing independent work over a period of one week at any time of the year.

For this project, the architects wanted the environment to be easily modular and to be able to modify the configuration of the living space effortlessly.

Double bed, desk, dining table, dressing room… JMCA has created an all-in-one workspace!

A flexibility that translates into the simple handling of a completely retractable device made up of a complex in which several functions are integrated.

Thus, the main space, 3 meters long by 2 meters wide, can be transformed as needed. Alternately unfolds: a free space, a workspace for two people and even a sleeping area!

When the entire device is in a vertical position, a first plate serving both as a desk and as a dining table is unlocked. 

To switch to the “night” position, the desk folds down simply by unlocking two sliding locks. Two wooden wedges on either side of the seat provide rigid support for the bed. 

Once the bed is unfolded, we discover a dressing room along the entire length of the wall. The front part of the vehicle, adjoining the seats, accommodates the kitchen and the toilets. 

The energy autonomy of the vehicle is ensured by two solar panels with a power of 330 Watts fixed on the roof of the vehicle. It is also equipped with a drinking water and waste water tank. The van is fully insulated and heated. The interior bodywork is covered with a thin layer of sprayed cork, completed with soft panels made of a mixture of hemp wool, linen and cotton. The vehicle is also equipped with a diesel heater, which allows it to be used in all seasons.


Visuals ©: Julien Cottier and Atelier JMCA





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