CLIPSO signs here a new innovative and ethical project called “Origine”. This 70 m² tertiary complex was born from the alliance of “Maud Caubet Architectes” and “Quadri Fiore Architecture”, in cooperation with the company CLIPSO, recognized in the field of interior design and decoration.

Located in Nanterre, Origine is defined as a mixed project with innovative architecture, a connected and eco-responsible building inspired by nature and its benefits.

This is how nearly 8000 m2 of acoustic covering were put in place in the reception area, rest areas and company restaurants, but also in certain traffic areas. On the decorative side, giant plant motifs on a colored background cover the walls, and bring a touch of punch to a space imbued with modernity. This choice is not insignificant: they echo the environmental concerns of its designers. Here is a little nod to nature.

For ceilings, SO ACOUSTIC stretch fabrics make it possible to carefully integrate all technical components such as air conditioning and sprinklers, but also various types of lighting, light strips, spotlights, etc. Flexible and made to measure, white CLIPSO coverings follow curved shapes of certain ceilings and especially the scrolls of the central staircase, a nod to the Guggenheim Museum in New York

Aesthetic and eco-responsible, CLIPSO technical solutions meet environmental requirements through their arguments: they are A+ and GreenGuard Gold 2018 certified. a more classic monoacoustic product, which can weigh up to 240kg/m2. 

These characteristics associated with on-site manufacturing, in Alsace, have a direct impact on packaging and transport, allowing a real reduction in the carbon footprint.

Origine is therefore a success both aesthetically and environmentally.

The proof: the building is nominated for the “ArchDaily 2022 Building of the Year Awards” in the Office Building category!


Visuals ©: Clipso


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