This is a book for lovers of architecture and art history. The book “Paul Tissier, the architect of the Roaring Twenties celebrations” aims to highlight a creator who is as unusual in his practice as he is unknown to the general public. 

In recent years, museums, art centers and publishers have increasingly turned to new subjects offering alternative visions of art history. Here is a new example. This book, written by Stéphane Boudin-Lestienne, offers readers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of the career of an architect who marked the Roaring Twenties with his talent.

The result of long years of research, the book notably enables the discovery of a phenomenon which has never been studied in depth: the great artistic festivals of the 1920s. splendid works by Paul Tissier and his wife Gisèle Grandpierre, two extraordinary personalities. Passionate about art, music and architecture, they marked the Roaring Twenties with their talents.

The architect Paul Tissier (1886-1926) turned his brief existence into a multifaceted artistic adventure. His talent as a watercolourist and draughtsman has, for example, made him witness to the ruins of the 1914-1918 war. 

In 1923, Tissier was entrusted by the Société des Grands Hôtels de Nice with the organization of exceptional celebrations whose theme was Russia, the Far East, ancient Rome or Latin America, but also the underwater kingdoms. and many other fantasies around childhood, fashion or cubism. 

With his wife Gisèle, he ensures both the scenography and the staging: canvases painted in splendid colors, extravagant costumes, spectacular dances, processions, naval jousts, fireworks or illuminations... Paul Tissier realizes in three years nearly 100 parties across Europe. This first monograph draws from the 400 decorative elements and 2 graphic documents that remain in its archives and plunges us into the heart of the excessiveness of the Roaring Twenties. 

Paul Tissier will die shortly after having organized his hundredth party, but will not be forgotten. This book pays him a well-deserved tribute today, which readers will have the opportunity to discover on April 8th.


Paul Tissier, villa for Jacques Richepin and Cora Lapacerie, Cap d'Antibes, April 17, 1926

Paul Tissier in costume for the Quat'z'Art ball, Paris, 1912.

Princess Tcherkakov at the “A wedding feast in Russia” party, Hotel Ruhl, Nice, February 26, 1924, photo Studio Mosesco. 

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