Bright, delicate and imposing: here are three qualifiers describing this pavilion designed by Max Dudler. For his client (MesseCity) the architect creates here a transparent place with high amenity value with a view of the city of Cologne. Designed for gastronomic use, it serves as the central magnet and animation for this new MesseCity business district, currently under development.

Serve as a bridge between the different levels of the district: this is the meaning of the Messepavillon. With a gastronomic space occupying 355 m² of floor space, it becomes a focal point of the district. 

Architecturally, this building with its massive stone facades contrasts with the architecture of the surrounding complexes. Based on a radical transformation of the ancient temple, Max Dudler designed a minimalist pavilion in bronze, with clear and geometric lines.

The exterior terraces of the pavilion, on the other hand, are located on divergent urban elevations, which give shape to a new urban environment. 

The Messepavillon, whose main entrance spans the full width of the building, faces Deutz station, and in the evening it shines like an urban light, offering visitors a view of Cologne Cathedral from both sides. building levels. 

The particular lightness and transparency of the pavilion result from the suspension of a metal and glass facade on a reinforced concrete construction. This exterior aesthetic allows it to literally blend into the surrounding landscape.

It should be noted that the design of the facade of the OST 1 I CENTRAAL tower, located to the east of the Messepavillon, was also entrusted to Max Dudler. Completion of works scheduled for 2024. 


Visuals ©: Stefan Müller


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