It was in 2021 that this commercial building came out of the ground in Mohali in the province of Punjab in India, within a booming industrial zone. A new achievement signed by Ardete Studios.

It is on a plot of 4 m² that this building was built. His challenge? Make this area a landmark that seduces visitors by redrawing the contours of an industrial area, which was not very attractive before its renewal... 

As for the design of the facade, the architects had carte blanche! So they had fun creating a cover reminiscent of wavelets, all in graphics and coated with concrete. A choice also in favor of the ease of maintenance of the material but also to take advantage of its intrinsic strengths. 

This new building is spread over three levels. If it is not very imposing, the architects have nevertheless managed to create an optical effect thanks to a curvilinear facade, giving the impression of a taller structure.

It subtly expresses the poetry of concrete in a plot of row offices. 


Visuals ©: Ar.Purnesh Dev Nikhanj 


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