For this project, located in Montreal, the studio team Jean Verville architectes set up a process of collaborative creation with their clients: Mathieu and Benjamin. They scrutinized their habits to create the perfect cottage for the couple.

From fluid promenade to pragmatic functionality, MB offers a rehabilitation of a Montreal cottage orchestrating a sculptural experience with an architectural dimension. Interfering in the daily life of a couple of young professionals, the architects have here multiplied the geometric interweavings and the visual breakthroughs.

The goal ? Create a cocoon in the image of the owners. A process appreciated by Mathieu and Benjamin who adopt the approach with humor.

The proposal articulates a crystallization fragmenting the volumetric entity by a physical permeability altering the perceptions of dimensioning. 

In addition, the constant variability of the shades of coloring, animated by the seasons and the natural luminosity coming from the gardens which adjoin the living space, creates a unifying mono materiality.

From archetype to abstraction, the space is transformed, from an organizational matrix to a game of discoveries.

MB presents a place participating in the active life of its neighborhood while generating an enveloping family landmark.


Visuals ©: Maxime Brouillet


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