For some years now, architects and scientists are developing prototypes of dynamic facades that can change shape to respond to their context. A brief overview.





Explored some years ago by Mark Goulthorpe Decoi and the concept of moving the facade is still relevant today. Fruit of the combined efforts of architects, engineers, mathematicians and programmers, changing facades looming on the horizon, composed of moving parts that can be reconfigured depending on the occasion. The flat front evolves in 3 dimensions and in real time, based on the most varied parameters such as the influx of location or movement of users. A new form of architectural expression emerges.




To learn more about mobile facades, also discover Flare, a dynamic facade system made up of metal prisms mounted on small pneumatic cylinders. Read more ...


In a different genre and less technical, the Dutch architecture firm Cepezed and Ned Kahn artist imagined for an office building Utrecht a facade turning in the wind. Read more ...






Photo credits: Decoi




Source: Dailytonic

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